Andre 3000 Net Worth

A virtual jack-of-all-trades, Andre Benjamin, known best as Andre 3000, enjoys a successful career as a singer/rapper, actor, entrepreneur, and animal rights activist. He was born in Atlanta in 1975 and partnered with his friend-turned-partner Antwan Patton, also known as Big Boi, in high school to form the hip hop duo Outkast. The group proved to be very successful in the 1990s into the new millennium. However, Andre 3000 has also ventured into a solo music career. All of his undertakings in entertainment and business have garnered him an Andre 3000 net worth that currently stands at $45 million.

In fact, when he partnered with Big Boi in the early 1990s, they met with almost immediate success and widespread critical acclaim of their music. Outkast signed with LaFace records in Atlanta shortly after both young men graduated from high school. Their fans and critics alike noted that the duo implemented unique sounds and funkadelic rhythms that set their music apart from their musical and entertainment peers. The group continued to enjoy success all the way into the mid-2000s when Andre 3000 decided to try his hand at making his own solo career. He went solo in 2007, focusing on rapping more than making hip hop music.

As a solo recording artist, Andre 3000 has had the opportunity to partner with other notable acts in the hip hop industry. In fact, performers like Beyonce, Rapper Jay-Z, Ke$ha, Ciara, John Legend, and numerous others have featured his vocal talent on their own single releases. He also contributed to the soundtrack for the movie The Great Gatsby. His vocals were mixed with those of the late Amy Winehouse, creating as soundtrack that proved to be artistically and financially successful after its release. He continues to lend his brand and his talent to both existing and up and coming hip hop and rap artists. His collaborations in music also continue to contribute to his net worth.

How Much Is Andre 3000 Worth Now?

The current Andre 3000 net worth of $45 million also consists of earnings that he garnered from his acting and entrepreneurial efforts. In fact, as an actor, he has appeared in numerous movies and TV shows. One of his first roles came in 2004 when he appeared on the TV show The Shield. He made another appearance on the same program in 2008. In 2008, Andre 3000 also had a guest spot on the TV show About a Girl. However, he may be best known in the TV and film industry for his producing and voice over role on Cartoon Network’s Class of 3000.

He has also appeared in several other movies and TV shows, including the program Families, as well as Four Brothers. His critics say that he gives respectable performances in all of his acting endeavors, which undoubtedly helps him maintain his current net worth. However, he has also made an admirable living designing his own fashion line. In fact, he released his men’s fashion clothing line, Benjamin Bixby, in 2008. The fashion designs are reminiscent of the 1930s football apparel worn back in that day. He has also gone on record as saying that he would like to create a second fashion line at some point in the future.

When he is not acting or making music, Andre 3000 devotes his time to advocating for the protection of animals. PETA recognized him for his efforts for this cause, and he continues to abide by a strict vegan lifestyle. He also has a son, Seven, with singer Erykah Badu. Andre 3000 continues to be a formidable presence in acting and music, helping him achieve a respectable net worth of $45 million today.