Angel Haze Net Worth

Angel Haze, born Raeen Roes Wilson in 1991, grew up in Detroit in a religious household. In fact, she has gone on record as saying that her family belonged to what she has called a cult, a religious organization called Greater Apostolic Faith. She reported that the cult told her and other members what to wear, what to eat, and with whom to associate, among other restrictions. After the group targeted her mother, she and her family moved to Brooklyn, New York where she began investigating secular music, particularly hip hop and rap.

During her time in Detroit, she also endured being sexually assaulted by people whom her family considered to be friends. She never reported the rapes out of fear of retribution and the belief that no one would believe her. This trauma would later shape her personality and her lyrics in her 2012 song “Cleaning Out My Closet.” The song proved to be therapeutic for her, and she was able to focus on building her career to the level it enjoys today. In fact, she borrows both the beat and the name of the song from one recorded by Eminem in 2002. Critics noted that she adapted this song brilliantly to her lyrics, which helped her gain more widespread attention among hip hop fans.

Also in 2012, Angel Haze released her debut album called “EP Reservation.” Critics likewise gave her rave reviews, and the album performed well on the charts. She joined in the BET Awards ceremony that year and signed with Republic Records. The following year, she was nominated for the Sound of 2013 poll. For all of her success, she has to date built a net worth of $500,000. This figure is expected to grow as she perfects her performance style and gains a broader fan base.

How Much Is Angel Haze Worth Now?

Her Angel Haze net worth of $500,000 may seem to many a figure that does not live up to her level of talent. However, given that she has just started out in the music industry, it is expected that she will likely become a millionaire relatively quickly as she continues to make music. In fact, she released her newest album, “Dirty Gold,” in December 2014. It has garnered favorable praise from critics and shows signs of picking up favor among her growing fan base.

She has also collaborated with rap star Ludacris on the theme song for the film “22 Jump Street.” After this collaboration, she turned her attention to creating a new single, called “CANDLXS,” which was released to audiences in early 2015. She will soon have a new album available for sale as well. This album is named “The Flowers are Blooming Now.” Prior to these newest songs being available on the market, Angel Haze arguably was well known for her controversial Twitter battle with fellow hip hop star Azealia Banks. Banks and Haze argued back and forth on the site about topics that seemed a bit unclear to fans who watched the word battle unravel. Haze has now gone on record as saying that she regrets her behavior and no longer is at odds with Banks.

She is also well known for her romantic involvement with Ireland Baldwin, the daughter of well-known actors Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger. The pair are often pictured together at hip hop music events or around the world on vacation getaways. Haze has acknowledged that she considers herself to be pansexual and not necessarily attracted to one specific gender. Rather, she is attracted to a person as a whole and can be romantically involved with anyone who makes her laugh and feel comfortable.