Ángel Quezada Net Worth

Ángel Quezada, known professionally as Santa Fe Klan, was born on November 29, 1999, in Mexico, specifically in Guanajuato City. Growing up in Guanajuato City, he was exposed to the vibrant culture and artistic atmosphere that influenced his music.

His big-time singles, such as ‘Ya Se Hizo Costumbre’ and ‘Prohibida,’ have captivated audiences with their powerful and thought-provoking lyrics.

In 2015, Quezada’s group released their first video on YouTube, and since then, their channel has gained over 8 million subscribers and 2.9 billion total views. Quezada’s success in the music industry has allowed him to establish his own independent label, 473 Music, providing him with creative control and the opportunity to collaborate with other artists.

Ángel Quezada’s Rise to Fame

During his journey to fame, Ángel Quezada rose to prominence in the music industry with his unique style and powerful lyrical prowess. His captivating music and thought-provoking lyrics have gained him a dedicated fan base and consistent success. Known for big-time singles such as ‘Ya Se Hizo Costumbre,’ ‘Un Loco Enamorado,’ and ‘Prohibida,’ he has showcased his talent and captivated audiences worldwide.

Ángel Quezada’s Notable Hits

One of Ángel Quezada’s notable hits includes the popular music video for his single ‘Mar Y Tierra,’ which has garnered over 20 million views on YouTube.

The song showcases Quezada’s unique style and lyrical prowess, captivating audiences with its powerful and thought-provoking content.

This success isn’t an isolated incident, as Quezada has consistently risen in popularity and achieved success in the music industry.

Known for other big-time singles such as ‘Ya Se Hizo Costumbre,’ ‘Un Loco Enamorado,’ ‘Prohibida,’ and ‘Silencio en el Callejon,’ Quezada’s talent has gained him a dedicated following.

Net Worth

With a projected net worth expected to reach between $100,000 and $1 million by 2024, Quezada’s financial success is on a steady climb.

To build a substantial net worth through music, Ángel Quezada has leveraged his unique style and lyrical prowess to captivate audiences and achieve consistent success in the music industry. With his powerful and thought-provoking music, Ángel has gained a devoted following and risen in popularity.

Additionally, Ángel’s independent label, 473 Music, allows him to have creative control over his career and collaborate with other artists, contributing to his financial success and artistic freedom.


In conclusion, Ángel Quezada’s net worth is on a promising upward trajectory, with projections estimating it to reach between $100,000 and $1 million by 2024. His unique musical style and lyrical prowess have captivated audiences, solidifying his place in the industry.

As an independent artist, he’s built his net worth through his music and the success of his independent label, 473 Music.

The future prospects for Quezada’s career and financial growth are promising.