Jelly Roll Net Worth: How Much is the Rapper Worth in 2023?

Jelly Roll is a Nashville-based rapper who has made a name for himself in the music industry. Born as Jason Deford, Jelly Roll has been passionate about music from a very young age. He started his musical career in 2005 when he formed the hip-hop group SNO with his friend Struggle Jennings. The duo released … Read more

Richie Rich Rapper Net Worth

Richie Rich is an American rapper and founder of the record label Ten-Six Records. He first gained fame as a member of group 415 before signing with Def Jam Records and releasing solo albums. As of January 9, 2023, his net worth is estimated at $5 million. Richie Rich is known for his influential contributions … Read more

AZ Net Worth

AZ, born Anthony Cruz, is a Brooklyn-born rapper who rose to fame in the late 90s and early 2000s as one of his generation’s most skilled and thought-provoking rappers. AZ first gained attention as a member of the hip-hop group The Firm, which also included fellow rappers Nas, Foxy Brown, and Cormega. The group was … Read more

Token Net worth

Token, also known as Ben Goldberg, is an American rapper born on September 24, 1998, in Boston, Massachusetts. He gained a massive following through his impressive rhyming skills, dynamic lyricism, and music videos on his YouTube channel. At only 10 years old, he wrote his first song and created his official YouTube channel in 2012. … Read more

Mystikal Net Worth

Mystikal, born Michael Lawrence Tyler in New Orleans, Louisiana, is a legendary rapper known for his commanding voice and electrifying performances and has captured the hearts of hip-hop fans across the globe for over two decades. Mystikal has carved out a prominent place in the industry with his dynamic personality and impactful lyrics. But beyond … Read more

Juvenile Rapper Net Worth

How much is Juvenile, the famous rapper, worth? Here’s an in-depth look at his estimated net worth and how he made his fortune. Juveniles’ net worth is estimated to be around $2.5 million. Despite some ups and downs in his career, he has managed to build a successful rap career and diversify his income streams … Read more

Rapper-Producer Kwame Net Worth

Kwamé Holland is an American rapper and record producer. He was born on October 28, 1973, in Queens, New York City, and raised in New Jersey. Holland is also known by his stage name, Kwamé, and has been referred to as “The Boy Genius” and “K-1 Million.” He made his debut at the young age … Read more

Jae Millz Net Worth

Jae Millz is a well-known American rapper with a loyal fan base and an impressive musical career spanning two decades. However, like any other celebrity, people are always curious about financial status of Jae Millz. Let’s dive deep into the artist’s earnings, assets, and overall net worth to give you an idea of just how … Read more

Ludacris Net Worth

Ludacris stands out as one of the few hip hop stars who has a college education to his credit. In fact, he studied music management at Georgia State University, experience that undoubtedly has helped him build a lucrative career in the music industry and also helped him build a Ludacris net worth that stands at … Read more