Beyonce Net Worth

Recently ranked as the most influential woman in show business by Forbes magazine, Beyonce is an entertainment jack-of-all-trades with her ability to sing, dance, and act, as well as write, record, and produce her own music. With an extensive array of talents at her disposal, Beyonce net worth has been reported to stand at $440 million. This net worth is separate from that of her husband, music industry heavyweight Jay Z. At the age of 33, Beyonce remains one of the most iconic music acts of her time and commands up to $2.4 million each concert in which she performs.

Her net worth is a testament to the amount of time she has put into perfecting her craft. In fact, she has been performing since she was a child, entering dance and singing contests from the age of seven. By 1996, Beyonce was part of the all-girl hip hop group Destiny’s Child. She performed with her friends Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams in this group until 2001 when she launched her solo recording and acting career. By 2005, Destiny’s Child had been disbanded, giving Beyonce leeway to pursue a solo career in music, a move that paid off significantly and boosted her overall net worth substantially.

Along with singing, however, Beyonce adds to her income by performing private gigs for high-profile clients, as well as acting in major films like Austin Powers. She also has her own line of clothing from which she likewise earns money to add to her personal wealth. With her fortune, she now outranks entertainers Madonna and Celine Dion in terms of her net worth. In fact, from June 2013 to June 2014, Beyonce earned more than $115 million alone with her music releases, private appearances, and other business dealings. Forbes ranks her as number 10 on its list of most influential singers or actors in the U.S., attributing her power in the entertainment industry in part to her impressive net worth now at her disposal.

How Much Is Beyonce Knowles Worth?

The year 2014 was particularly lucrative for Beyonce net worth, given that she added more than $100 million to her fortune in less than 12 months. She also was the main act in the Super Bowl in January, although it was largely reported that she earned nothing at all from her appearance in that venue. In fact, she reportedly paid for her own expenses to be a part of the Super Bowl halftime show, covering the costs of her crew and backup performers.

However, paying for these costs arguably would not have been very difficult, given the fact that Beyonce net worth sees her making more than $460,000 per day. In a week’s time, she reportedly makes more than $2 million, in a month more than $9 million. These numbers can be attributed to the constant popularity of her music, as well as the residual income she receives from her acting and producing career. She also receives income from her clothing line and real estate investments that she holds jointly with her husband, Jay Z.

In fact, she and her husband combined have achieved a level of income that is noteworthy in the Guinness Book of World Records. In 2009, this book recognized Beyonce and Jay Z as the highest earning couple with their combined income that year standing at $122 million. At the young age of 33, Beyonce has many more years to perfect her acting and singing skills, as well as write and produce music that other singers can record. While she has an impressive fortune worth more than $400 million right now, it is fair to say that her net worth in the future could be substantially more.