Bill Gates Net Worth

Bill Gates is a worldwide household name, well known for his role in creating the now widely used Microsoft software. He famously did not finish his studies at Harvard, choosing instead to start his own computer software business with fellow developer and inventor Paul Allen. By 1980, he partnered with IBM and in 1985 launched the first Windows version. He left Microsoft in 2006 and now focuses primarily on humanitarian pursuits through the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, which he founded with his wife.

However, before he eased out of the corporate arena, Gates amassed a Bill Gates net worth that has led him to being ranked several times over as the world’s wealthiest man. His current net worth is estimated to be around $9 billion, a figure that is closely followed by his business contemporaries Warren Buffett and Carlos Slim. In fact, these three men inadvertently alternate turns being ranked in the top spot on the world’s wealthiest list, although Gates was ranked number one consistently from 1995 to 2008. He also adds to his net worth by appearing at various venues to speak to the public. He has been invited by notable locations like MIT to inspire others to pursue their own entrepreneurial passions in the business arena.

While he continues to add to his personal net worth, he also uses the money for charitable causes. He and his wife have a passion for safeguarding the environment and for helping people who are in need of quality medical care. He also has gone on record as saying that he and his wife try to raise their kids to be just as charitable and morally aware as they. He says that he feels it is his responsibility to give back to society because he has been so fortunate with his own inventions and business pursuits.

How Much Is Bill Gates Worth Today?

With a Bill Gates net worth at $9 billion, people may wonder how he continues to make money if he is no longer involved in running Microsoft. In fact, he has other business interests outside of his Microsoft endeavors. For example, he has invested in several other ventures that continue to bring him revenue that he can add to his net worth. Some of his more notable investments include Cascade Investments, LLC, which is based in his home state of Washington. He also has invested in bgC3, which he founded himself, Corbis, a digital image licensing company, and TerraPower, a company that designs nuclear reactors.

Along with investing in various companies and upstarts, Gates brings in money by writing books. In fact, he has proven himself to be a talented writer of literature that focuses on the role of computers and technology in today’s world. He likewise has appeared in several documentaries, primarily Triumph of the Nerds, which was made in 1996, as well as Waiting for “Superman”, which was released in 2010. He likewise has appeared in mainstream films like Pirates of Silicon Valley and The Social Network, films that were made in 1999 and 2010, respectively.

Gates has also ventured into the social media arena of business. The popular professional site LinkedIn now counts Gates as one of its influencers. His status as a professional influence comes as no surprise, given how influential he has been on modern history and pop culture today. It would safe to assume that much of today’s modern technology and enjoyments would not be possible if Gates did not invent the Microsoft Windows versions upon which the world relies heavily today. He has earned a net worth that demonstrates his business savvy, technological know-how, and far reaching influence on today’s world.