Born Shad Gregory Moss in 1987, Bow Wow got his start in hip hop and rap music early. He first performed at age six at a rap concert attended by hip hop icon Snoop Dogg. Snoop Dogg took immediate notice of the young rapper and took Bow Wow under his tutelage, giving the boy the moniker Lil Bow Wow. By the age of 14 in 2001, the young performer changed his stage name to Bow Wow and released his debut solo album Beware of Dog. Prior to his solo album, however, he contributed to the soundtrack for the movie Wild Wild West, releasing his song “The Stick Up”, which was written and produced under the guidance of music great Jermaine Dupri.

As he honed his rapping and performance skills, Bow Wow went on to release eight more albums. His most recent album release was in 2010. From this album, Bow Wow released songs like “Better” and “We in Da Club”. Despite releasing nine albums, however, and garnering favorable reviews among the industry leaders, Bow Wow accumulated a Bow Wow net worth that by all accounts is rather modest. His net worth is reported to be around $600,000.

Along with earning an income through performing and recording music, Bow Wow also adds to his net worth by taking on television hosting duties and also through acting. In fact, he has starred in movies and TV shows alongside the likes of Tyler Perry and Steve Harvey. Some of the movies and shows in which he has appeared include Like Mike, Johnson Family Vacation, Madea’s Big Happy Family, and most recently, CSI: Cyber as a series regular. With his talents in making music and acting, Bow Wow has the capability of adding to his net worth and enjoying a lucrative career in the future.

How Much Is Bow Wow Worth Now?

With a Bow Wow net worth of $600,000, people may ask why his income is so low, particularly given that rap and hip hop music, as well as acting, prove to be lucrative entertainment careers. In truth, Bow Wow has experienced financial difficulties that are not unlike those of other celebrities. For example, his ex-girlfriend took him to court to sue him for child support. He was ordered to pay back child support, as well as current payments that by his own account has taken a dire toll on his finances. Likewise, he has fallen behind on payments for his cars and other property, forcing some of his creditors to repossess his belongings.

Nonetheless, Bow Wow continues to be an actor and rapper who is in demand in Hollywood today. He has been welcomed as a series regular on the upcoming TV show CSI: Cyber. He also continues to act in comedy films with his acting mentors Steve Harvey, Tyler Perry, and others. He continues his hosting duties for the show 106 & Park on BET. These endeavors contribute to his net worth and help him remain a viable presence in the entertainment industry.

He also recently announced his newest album release, due out in 2015. This album may be released under his birth name of Shad Moss. In fact, as he explained to fans and followers on his YouTube channel, he no longer feels the name Bow Wow does him justice as an adult and as a maturing rap star and actor. He is in the process of changing his name to Shad Moss and says that he wishes to be viewed as a more mature entertainer to reflect his status as a father and as someone who hopes to make a serious future in this industry.