Floyd Mayweather Net Worth

Boxing has been a mainstay in Floyd Mayweather’s life. With a father and several uncles who all boxed professionally, it seems natural that Floyd himself would grow up to join the family legacy. However, for all of the family’s success in the boxing ring, he also endured a childhood that was marked by drug abuse, neglect, and outright poverty. With all of his financial and professional success today, he still remembers where he came from and is grateful that his Floyd Mayweather net worth keeps him from living that kind of lifestyle now.

His net worth is estimated to be around $295 million, in fact. This figure makes him one of the highest paid professional athletes today, if not of all time. He is unlike many other athletes in that he does not have any noteworthy commercial endorsements. Nonetheless, he and his management team are savvy enough to make sure that he reaps his fair share of revenue for every fight and every PayPerView competition in which he appears. Along with earning lucrative purse winnings, he also receives commissions and bonuses for most of his fights. These deals bring him money that few other athletes have access to in their own competitive venues.

Mayweather also enjoys a level of winning that many other boxers can only envision. He has more than 45 wins to his credit with no losses. This record alone makes him a feared powerhouse whom other boxers view as a feat of strength to be defeated and overcome. Some of the boxers who have recently come up against him, only to be met with their own defeat, include Saul Alverez and Marcos Maidana. His total career winnings before taxes by the end of September 2014 reached $405 million. However, after he paid his taxes and other expenses, he was left with a net worth of $295 million, still an impressive figure for someone who is not yet 40 years of age.

How Much Is Floyd Mayweather Worth Today?

For all of his Floyd Mayweather net worth, he still faces situations in life that are not uncommon to anyone else. For example, as witnessed with the recent conflict with fellow boxer Manny Pacquiao, he sometimes has difficulty in arranging for matches that promise lucrative earnings. In fact, the fight with Pacquiao promised to bring in more than $180 million, of which Mayweather was supposed to earn $25 million upfront. However, the contractual agreement between the two boxers never materialized, resulting in Mayweather missing out on a significant amount of money.

Likewise, his net worth has led to some conflict with the IRS. Specifically, he reportedly failed to pay several thousands of dollars in back taxes, prompting the IRS to sanction the boxer and move to reclaim some of his assets. He was also sued by international bank JP Morgan for failing to make his car payments. These financial and legal troubles briefly distracted him from his boxing career and blemished his reputation as a prodigy boxer. However, he has overcome those issues and regained his prowess in the ring.

Mayweather also has served time in jail for domestic battery. He served six months in jail and was ordered by the court to perform 48 hours of community service. He also received a 90 day suspended sentence for fighting with a bar bouncer. His most recent jail stint involved a 90 day sentence for beating up his then-girlfriend. That incident took place in 2011 and ended with him performing 100 hours of community service. Despite his legal troubles, he still has an impressive net worth, although he has also stated that he will retire from professional boxing in 2015.

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