G-Dragon Net Worth

South Korean rapper G-Dragon was born Jiyong Kwon in 1988. He started singing professionally at the young age of five when he was made part of a group called Little Lula. This earliest foray into music did not last long when the group’s contract was abruptly ended. So traumatic was the break from the group that G-Dragon insisted that he would never perform again. However, while on a vacation with his family, G-Dragon was pursued by SM Entertainment, whose executives persuaded him to sign to the label. He agreed to become a trainee for SM Entertainment, a move that helped propel him to the current status of a hip hop star that he enjoys today.

He continued as a trainee for the label for several years, watching other performers hone their crafts and taking all of the lessons given to him in stride. He also listened to popular groups like Wu-Tang Clan and found inspiration in their songs for his own writing and performance style. He started rapping professionally by the age of 13 when he partnered with fellow SM Entertainment trainee Dong-Young-bae and became half of the group GDYB. It was at this time that he adopted his stage name, G-Dragon, the letter G coming from his middle name of Ji, and the name Dragon coming from the Korean translation of his name last name Yong.

In 2009, he released his debut album “Heartbreaker,” which has sold close to 300,000 copies to date in South Korea alone. This first album featured collaborations between G-Dragon and fellow hip hop stars like Dara, CL, Teddy Park, and Tae Yang. The title track, “Heartbreaker,” reached the top spot on many charts around the world and helped solidify G-Dragon as a leading hip hop star in South Korea. It also helped bring him to the global spotlight as more fans around the world took notice of his music. Now at the height of his success, he has a net worth of $8 million to his credit.

How Much Is G-Dragon Worth Now?

His G-Dragon net worth of $8 million also testifies to his ongoing success that he enjoys today. In fact, since the release of “Heartbreaker” in 2009, G-Dragon has gone on to release numerous singles and a collaboration album with fellow hip hop artist T.O.P. He also has released another single album, entitled “One of a Kind.” This album quickly rose to the top of the charts and saw all of its released singles likewise do well among fans and critics alike.

However, his career was briefly threatened following the release of his debut album. He garnered the negative attention of South Korean censors who felt his shows were too controversial and sexually explicit. They investigated, but avoided convicting him on any indecency charges. He also was suspected of using marijuana and underwent testing for the drug. The tests came back inconclusive. Even so, he had to refocus his efforts on gaining back his momentum because of these distractions.

With a net worth in the millions, G-Dragon has also sought to do some good with his fortune. He built his family a hotel and reportedly allows fans to stay there as well. He also has famously been linked to Korean-American actress Kiko Mizuhara, although they both refuse to acknowledge their relationship the media. G-Dragon likewise is known for his fashion sense and is said to have a major influence on Korean fashion. Fans are eager to dress and style their hair like him. He is consistently rated among the top Korean fashion stars both in South Korea and the world.