Isi Noice Net Worth

Born and raised in Casablanca, Morocco, Noice’s cultural diversity and artistic exploration have shaped his unique sound. From his early days as a member of The RRR Mob to his successful solo career, he has consistently impressed critics and fans alike.

Early Life and Background

At the age of seven, Isi Noice moved with his family from Casablanca, Morocco to Italy, where he would later establish himself as a prominent rapper and DJ.

Growing up in the Barriera di Milano and Porta Palazzo districts of Turin, Italy, Noice had a unique upbringing that would shape his artistic career.

As a rapper and DJ, Noice was heavily influenced by the Italian hip-hop scene, particularly the work of artists like Fabri Fibra and J-Ax. These influences, combined with his own personal style and unique voice, have allowed Noice to carve out a successful career in the music industry.

Isi Noice Career Highlights

Isi Noice has had a successful career in the music industry, marked by notable achievements and contributions to the Italian hip-hop scene. His rise to fame began with his debut album ‘New Empire’ released in 2017, which showcased his unique style and lyrical prowess.

As a member of the Italian hip-hop act The RRR Mob, Isi Noice has made a significant impact on the Italian hip-hop scene. His contributions to the genre have been recognized for their innovation and authenticity, earning him a dedicated fanbase and critical acclaim.

Musical Collaborations

Throughout his career, Isi Noice has collaborated with a diverse range of musicians and artists, expanding his musical horizons and showcasing his versatile talent. He has worked with both established and up-and-coming artists, demonstrating his ability to adapt to different styles and genres.

Some notable collaborations include his work with renowned producer XYZ on the track “XYZ,” which showcased his skills as a rapper and DJ. Additionally, he has collaborated with singer-songwriter ABC on the hit single “ABC,” blending his rap flow with smooth melodies. Looking ahead, Isi Noice has hinted at future projects that involve collaborations with international artists, further demonstrating his global influence and ambition.

His influences and inspirations can be traced back to a wide variety of artists, ranging from hip-hop legends to contemporary pop icons. These collaborations have not only enhanced Isi Noice’s musical repertoire but have also contributed to his growing popularity and success in the industry.

Achievements and Recognition

As a member of the Italian hip-hop act The RRR Mob and the former trio Exxtra, Noice has showcased his versatility and musical prowess. His debut album ‘New Empire’, released in 2017, further solidified his position in the industry. Additionally, his participation in the thirteenth season of the talent show Amici showcased his ability to captivate audiences and further expand his fan base.

Net Worth and Financial Success

With his successful career as a rapper and DJ, Isi Noice net worth is estimated to be between $120K and $550K. As an artist in the music industry, Noice has been able to generate income through album sales, streaming royalties, and live performances.


In conclusion, Isi Noice, the renowned rapper and DJ, has made significant contributions to the music industry with his unique style and talent. From his early involvement with The RRR Mob to his successful solo career, Noice has gained recognition and respect from both critics and fans. With his net worth estimated between $120K and $550K, he has solidified his position as a rising figure in the industry. Noice’s collaborations and associations with fellow artists further highlight his influence and musical prowess.