Justin Bieber Net Worth

Canadian singer and actor Justin Bieber stands out as one of the best selling teen acts in recent history. His global breakthrough song “Baby” was released in 2010 and immediately reached the top of the music charts, becoming an instant teenage favorite with his burgeoning group of fans. The song was released from his breakthrough album My World 2.0, which reached the top 10 in 15 countries. The album was a follow-up to his first album, My World, which enjoyed modest success in Canada.

Since the release of these first two introductory albums, Bieber has gone on to release three more: Never Say Never, Believe, and Journals. He also has a holiday album called Under the Mistletoe. Despite being 20 years of age, he has sold over 15 million albums worldwide and earns on average $70 million each year from his music career. Along with writing, recording, and producing his own music, he also is credited as a dancer and as an actor, most notably appearing as a teenage felon in TV’s CSI.

Much of his earlier music success stemmed from his YouTube videos, as well as his collaborations with notable artists like Usher and Justin Timberlake. He and his management team also heavily promoted his albums by having Bieber appear on talk shows hosted by Ellen Degeneres, David Letterman, and Jay Leno. Once he was firmly established as a leading act in the music industry, Bieber went on to enjoy worldwide success with his music tours, often outselling fellow music artists like Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga. Today, he can command upwards of $1 million per live performance, which along with his residual income from his music career puts his Justin Bieber net worth at $200 million. He remains one of the most profitable acts in music today, in fact.

Miley Cyrus vs Justin Bieber Net Worth?

A music star in her own right, Miley Cyrus comes from a family that is well known in show business and in music. Her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, was a country music mainstay in the 1990s and also starred in several TV shows. However, Miley grew up to become a household name when she became the star of Disney’s Hannah Montana show. As the show’s namesake, she began earning a net worth that put her on par with older, better established music and entertainment acts.

Today, her net worth is estimated to be between $160 million to $165 million. She, like Bieber, has several chart-topping albums, including Breakout and Bangerz. Her music style has crossed from country music influences to mainstream hip hop styles. She also made headlines in 2013 when she infamously twerked onstage at the VMA awards while performing with her dance entourage. When she is not recording music, Cyrus continues to act in smaller TV and film roles. Her main focus is reported to be to break into mainstream film acting.

When comparing Bieber with Cyrus, it is fair to say that Bieber to date has enjoyed greater commercial success. He also came into the entertainment industry without the family roots that arguably helped launch Cyrus to her current level of fame. Bieber also seems to enjoy more professional collaborations and better selling world tours, although Cyrus enjoyed worldwide success as well when she toured as the headliner of Disney’s Hannah Montana music tour. Both young stars continue to make headlines for both their music and acting talents, as well as their antics off stage. They also both enjoy legions of fans who help bulk Bieber’s net worth, as well as the net worth of Miley Cyrus.