Justin Timberlake Net Worth

Memphis, Tennessee native Justin Timberlake enjoys a level of success that puts him on par with other pop culture icons like Madonna and Celine Dion. Born in 1981, Timberlake has been in the music and entertainment industry since the young age of 11. He starred as a performer on the Mickey Mouse Club and Star Search, eventually catching the attention of Lou Perlmann, who cast him as one of the lead singers in the boy band ‘NSYNC.

‘NSYNC released three albums between 1995 and 2002, becoming one of the most commercially successful boy bands of all time. In 2002, the group took a hiatus, during which Timberlake branched out into his own solo career, a move that some critics say brought the popularity and viability of ‘NSYNC to an end. With the boy band completely disbanded, Timberlake then focused his attention on launching his solo career into mainstream popularity. His debut album Justified was met with commmercial and critical acclaim, firmly establishing him as a serious solo recording artist rather than a member of an all-male ensemble.

Timberlake also gained notoriety when in 2004 he performed with Janet Jackson in the Super Bowl’s halftime show. The end of their duo act resulted in a clothing malfunction that resulted in the network being fined by the government. However, as controversial as the show was, it contributed to Timberlake’s rising popularity among young and more mature fans alike. Now firmly recognized as a leading pop act, he has accrued a Justin Timberlake net worth that stands at $175 million. His net worth has also been comprised of other commercial avenues, including designing his own fashion line and co-owning restaurants. He also got married to model and actress Jessica Biel and reportedly will become a father for the first time in 2015.

How Much Is Justin Timberlake Worth Today?

Since the launch of his solo career in 2002, Justin Timberlake has released four albums and sold millions of copies. As successful as he is as a recording artist, he has also ventured into new aspects of the entertainment industry, including several notable appearances on TV and in mainstream movies. In fact, Timberlake is a favorite guest star on SNL where he has appeared in memorable skits like “Dick in a Box”. His SNL appearances usually include him serving as both a guest star and main musical act.

Timberlake also adds to his net worth by serving as a producer for the MTV show The Phone. He routinely appears on the late night show circuit, often sitting alongside Jimmy Kimmel and David Letterman as he promotes his latest album or other professional endeavor. When he is not making music or appearing on TV or in movies, Timberlake is working on his fashion line, called William Rast. The line was launched in 2007 and features sweaters, slacks, vests, and other high-quality apparel. The main inspiration of the fashion line is reportedly centered on Elvis Presley, a Tennessee native like Timberlake himself.

Timberlake’s net worth is also comprised in part by his investments in restaurant businesses and in social media sites. He has invested in the social networking site MySpace. He also co-owns a couple of restaurants called Destino and Southern Hospitality. When he is not performing, recording music, or starring in movies or on TV, Timberlake devotes a portion of his time and money to various charitable causes. He has played in several celebrity golf tournaments and has donated money to wildlife causes that are important to him. Now 12 years into his solo career, he has accumulated a Justin Timberlake net worth that right now is valued at $175 million.