Kanye West Net Worth

Rapper, fashion designer, and entrepreneur Kanye West first appeared on the American hip hop music scene in 1996, partnering with longtime friend and fellow rapper Jay Z at Roc A Fella Records. He first worked as a music producer and songwriter before being signed on with the label as an act. He has since released six albums, has a seventh album in the works, and to date has sold more than 21 million albums worldwide. He is also recognized as one of the most selling entertainment acts today and often collaborates with artists like Jay Z, Janet Jackson, Alicia Keys, and Ludacris.

Along with writing, performing, recording, and producing his own music, West also designs two fashion shoe lines that bear his name and endorsement and also is heavily invested in a Chicago fast food chain called Fatburger. These pursuits, along with his numerous live performances and TV appearances he undertakes each year, contribute to his current Kanye West net worth of $130 million. He uses part of his wealth, however, for several philanthropic causes and also heads his own charitable foundation that helps minority children obtain better access to education and work training.

West’s estimated net worth is expected to increase in the years to come. He recently announced plans to launch 10 more Fatburger restaurants in and around the Chicago area. He also has plans to create a new fashion shoe line in conjunction with footwear powerhouse Adidas. As stated, West has a seventh album in the works to follow up his worldwide success with his sixth release, entitled Yeezus. His promotion for his sixth album included a worldwide tour that took him to Italy, the U.K., Australia, and other locations. This tour brought in more than $34 million alone, adding to the Kanye West net worth even more.

What Is Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Net Worth?

In May 2014, Kanye West married reality TV star Kim Kardashian. Kardashian is a celebrity in her own right and has a reported net worth of $40 million. Her income stems in part from her family’s two reality TV shows. However, she also has several fashion lines to her name that sell clothing, handbags, and perfumes. Kardashian accepts invitations to numerous public and private events each year and charges $100,000 minimum for each appearance. At the age of 33, she is one of the country’s top earning female celebrities and is expected to earn more as she continues her fashion and TV career.

Along with creating and endorsing her own fashion lines and appearing on her reality shows, Kardashian also has modest success in the music industry. Her “Jam” peaked at number 17 on the top 100 chart. She also has done voice over work for TV’s American Dad and has appeared in popular drama programs like CSI: NY and Beyond the Break. She also appeared in husband Kanye West’s video for the song Temptation as his love interest.

When both the net worths of West and Kardashian are combined, they enjoy access to more than $170 million in income and assets. In addition to the money they make from their entertainment careers, both stars have considerable income stemming from real estate, cars, jewelry, and other assets in their names. In fact, Kardashian’s engagement ring is reported to be worth $6 million alone. As they continue to build their own individual and partnered brands, West and Kardashian likewise continue to be one of the most recognizable celebrity couples today. Given their worldwide celebrity and busy schedules, it is likely that their combined net worth will be even more substantial next year and in the years to come.