Actor, comedian, and TV and film producer Kevin Hart has quickly become a fan favorite. As a prolific comedian, he makes people laugh with his roles in comedy TV shows and films. He also works behind the scenes, however, as a screenwriter and a producer. For all of his talents, he has a Kevin Hart net worth that is reported to be $30 million. Growing up in North Philadelphia, Hart took a number of odd jobs before finally venturing into comedy and acting. In fact, he after he graduated high school, he moved to New York City with aspirations to break into the entertainment business. Before he succeeded in landing his first roles, he worked as a shoe salesman and in other obscure jobs. His commitment to acting and performing paid off, however, when he landed his first role as Shawn in the movie Paper Soldiers.

Since then, Hart has gone on to star in a number of movies and TV shows. He famously appeared in the hit comedy The 40 Year Old Virgin alongside Steve Carell and Seth Rogan. He has also starred in movies like Little Fockers, Think Like a Man, Death at a Funeral, and About Last Night. He has more than 30 film credits to his name and has several new movies in the works. In fact, by the year 2017, he will have appeared or starred in 38 movies total.

Hart’s comedy and acting talents are not restricted to movie roles. He has appeared in several TV shows, most notably Modern Family and Workaholics. He has headlined two comedy specials on Comedy Central and also hosted Saturday Night Live in 2013. Given his extensive comedy range and acting finesse, Hart has a packed schedule in the upcoming years and will continue to add to his net worth through his movie and TV roles, as well as his stand-up comedy appearances.

How Much Is Kevin Hart Worth Now?

Despite having a Kevin Hart net worth of $30 million, this actor and comedian has not forgotten his more humble beginnings in North Philadelphia. He had a good relationship with his mother. However, his father was a cocaine addict and dealer and did not have as good of a relationship with his son Kevin. This strained relationship took its toll on Hart, who developed his unique brand of humor as a coping mechanism. While he admits that he did not have a strong bond with his dad, Hart also acknowledges that this early life struggle did play a huge role in his future success and his current net worth.

In fact, his humor has been called self-deprecating, sharp-tongued, and brutally honest, labels that are rare in today’s politically correct culture. Even so, Hart stands out as one of the most successful TV and film comedians today, following in the footsteps of the likes of Eddie Murphy, Bill Cosby, Chris Rock, and other comedic greats. His career path has prompted him to embark on several comedy tours of his own, including his 2009 act entitled “I’m a Grown Little Man” and “Seriously Funny” in 2010. His recent tour for “Laugh at My Pain” proved to be one of his most financially lucrative, bringing in $15 million and adding to his already impressive net worth.

So influential is Hart’s unique brand of humor that ABC plans to build an entire comedy series based on his comedy routines. Hart will not star in the show; however, he will make guest star appearances and also have a creative influence over the show’s development. Hart demonstrates through this show, his comedy, and his net worth that he has triumphed over his difficult childhood, strained relationship with his dad, and earlier professional roadblocks to become one of the most bankable comedy acts today.