Kid Rock Net Worth

Robert James Ritchie, more famously known as Kid Rock, rose to fame in 1998 after the release of his sixth studio album, which was called Devil without a Cause. However, he was on the music scene long before 1998, having signed with Boogie Down Productions in 1988 at the age of 17. His music career was slow to start after the release of his debut album in 1990. Nonetheless, by 1998 he had become a certifiable presence in rock music. His most recent songs have helped him foray into modern country music, particularly his collaborative song Pictures that he sang with fellow performer Sheryl Crow.

Before he ventured into music, Kid Rock grew up on his family’s apple orchard where he helped pick the apple crops each year and also took care of his family’s horses. At the age of 15, he left home with a friend from high school to Mt. Clemens where he soon began working at a car wash. It was during his time working at the car wash that he was forced to sell drugs for a local street gang. However, a local man who wanted to help the kids in the neighborhood founded a rap group in which Ritchie took part. This informal participation actually helped launch his music career after he performed for an executive from Boogie Down Productions.

After his meteoric rise to fame in 1998, he has built a Kid Rock net worth that today is valued at $80 million. He met and married pinup model and TV actress Pamela Anderson, a marriage that proved to be short-lived. Nonetheless, he has continued to make music and recently enjoyed global success with his song All Summer Long, a single that paid homage to legendary rock group Lynyrd Skynyrd. He has become an informal fixture as well in the arena of conservative politics.

How Much Is Kid Rock Worth Now?

With an estimated Kid Rock net worth of $80 million, Ritchie can afford to slow down his career if he chose. However, he continues to participate in the world of music with a variety of endeavors. He recently released his musical catalog for download on iTunes. He also released his most recent album in 2012, a creation that was titled Rebel Soul. He has announced that he will release new singles in 2015. Kid Rock has also committed to filling in for injured guitar player and singer Bono from the group U2 during Bono’s scheduled performances.

Presenting himself as a performer for the common man, Ritchie has steered clear of charging exorbitant ticket prices to his concerts. In fact, he embarked on a global tour in 2013 during which he only charged $20 a ticket. The first two rows of seats at all of his concerts are given away to fans; Kid Rock will not allow those seats to be purchased in a bid to keep ticket scalpers at bay. He also frequently offers free coffee and free parking at his performances. Instead of charging venues to host him, he accepts the income generated from concession sales, as well as a percentage of ticket sales. This generosity has made him a widely respected singer and a performer that venues are eager to host each year.

Along with caring about his fan base, Kid Rock also has a passion for performing for military servicemen and women. He regularly performs on military bases both domestically and those located overseas. He is greatly involved in the organization Operation Homefront, which offers financial support for service personnel and their families. His advocacy for the troops also endears him to his fans and critics alike.