Latto Net Worth

Latto, formerly known as Miss Mulatto, is an American rapper hailing from Atlanta, Georgia who rose to fame as the winner of the reality TV show The Rap Game in 2016. Her hit single “B*tch From Da Souf” further catapulted her into the spotlight, leading to her major label deal with RCA Records. The release of her albums Queen of Da Souf and 777 solidified her place in the rap scene and showcased her growth as an artist.

Throughout her career, Latto has collaborated with notable names in the industry, including Gucci Mane, Cardi B., Lil Baby, and 2 Chainz. Her journey from reality TV to a successful recording artist has been marked by numerous magazine covers and critical acclaim. Latto’s ability to continuously reinvent herself and her sound has garnered widespread recognition and cemented her status as a rising star in the hip-hop world.

Early Life and Background

Born Alyssa Michelle Stephens on December 22, 1998, in Clayton County, Georgia, Latto began writing her own rap music at the young age of ten.

Raised in Atlanta, Latto was influenced by the city’s vibrant rap scene and grew up listening to artists like Lil Wayne and Trina. Drawing from her upbringing and musical influences, Latto developed her own unique style and quickly made a name for herself in the rap world.

Latto got her start in music at a young age, participating in local talent shows and freestyle battles. Her big break came in 2016 when she won the reality TV competition, The Rap Game, which was executive produced by Jermaine Dupri and Queen Latifah. This exposure helped launch her career, leading to the release of her debut mixtape, Miss Mulatto, and subsequent projects that showcased her lyrical skills and confident stage presence.

Following her time on “The Rap Game,” Latto began using the name Miss Mulatto, a moniker that has become synonymous with her rise to fame.

The Rap Game and Independence

After her victory on the reality series The Rap Game, Latto made the bold decision to pursue her career as an independent artist, turning down a recording contract and paving her own path in the rap industry.

The Rap Game had a significant impact on Latto’s career, as it provided her with a platform to showcase her talent and gain recognition. Winning the competition showcased her skills as a rapper and solidified her status as a rising star in the industry.

However, being an independent artist in the rap industry comes with its own set of challenges and benefits. She faced numerous challenges early on, including skepticism from industry professionals and the struggle to gain recognition in a competitive field. Despite these obstacles, Latto remained committed to her craft and continued to release mixtapes that showcased her immense talent and versatility.

On the other hand, she has the responsibility of managing her own career, including marketing, promotion, and distribution. Despite the challenges, being independent allows Latto to retain a larger portion of her earnings and maintain a closer connection with her fanbase.

First Singles, Mixtapes, and Awards

During her early career, Latto released her first single, ‘No More Talking,’ in 2016, marking the beginning of her journey in the music industry. She also collaborated with Lil Niqo on the single ‘Tough on the Internet.’

In the same year, Latto won the Youth Hip Hop/R&B Award at the Georgia Music Awards, showcasing her emerging talent and potential. These early accomplishments set the stage for her future success.

Latto’s musical influences can be traced back to her upbringing in Clayton County, Georgia, where she was exposed to various genres such as hip-hop, R&B, and soul. This diverse musical background has shaped her unique style and lyrical content.

Latto’s first mixtape, ‘Miss Mulatto,’ was released in 2016, followed by her second mixtape, ‘Latto Let Em Know,’ in 2017. These projects solidified her presence in the underground rap scene and laid the foundation for her future mainstream breakthroughs.

Release of Latto’s debut studio album

In November 2018, rapper Latto released her highly anticipated debut studio album, Girl Code. The album made an impressive debut on the Billboard 200 chart, solidifying Latto’s status as a rising star in the hip-hop industry.

The album featured hit singles such as “Twerk” and “Act Up,” which garnered significant attention and praise from both fans and critics alike. Latto’s collaboration with JT, one half of the rap duo City Girls, on “Twerk” further contributed to the album’s success.

However, JT’s early release to a halfway house shortly after the album’s release added an unexpected twist to the album’s narrative, sparking even more interest and conversation surrounding Latto’s rising career.

With the release of Girl Code, Latto established herself as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry, showcasing her unique blend of confidence, talent, and unapologetic attitude.

Mainstream Breakthroughs and Name Change

Mulatto’s mainstream breakthrough came with her hit single ‘Bitch from da Souf’ in 2018, propelling her to national recognition in the music industry. This success marked a turning point in her career and set the stage for her subsequent achievements.

The impact of ‘Bitch from da Souf’ cannot be understated, as it showcased Mulatto’s unique style and lyrical prowess. The song resonated with audiences, reaching number 95 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and solidifying her position as an emerging artist to watch.

Alongside her name change from Miss Mulatto to Mulatto, this breakthrough cemented her ability to captivate listeners and paved the way for future successes.

Mulatto’s mainstream breakthrough and the impact of ‘Bitch from da Souf’ laid the foundation for her continued growth and success in the music industry.

Signing With RCA Records

After gaining attention as an independent artist, Mulatto made a name for herself in the music industry with her impressive mixtapes and chart-topping singles. Rather than signing with a major label right away, she chose to build her career independently, proving her worth as a talented rapper and songwriter.

Following her mainstream breakthrough with the hit single ‘Bitch from da Souf’ in 2018, Mulatto took a significant step in her career by signing with RCA Records. This signing marked a major milestone for the rapper, solidifying her position in the music industry.

Despite being courted by multiple labels, Mulatto ultimately decided to sign with RCA Records, a major player in the music industry. RCA’s reputation for nurturing and supporting artists was a deciding factor for Mulatto, who saw the label as the perfect platform to elevate her career to new heights. The record deal with RCA Records was a pivotal moment in Mulatto’s career.

RCA Records, one of the most renowned record labels, has a long history of nurturing successful artists. With this partnership, Mulatto gained access to the label’s extensive resources, including their experienced team of professionals who can help further develop her talent and expand her reach.

This collaboration has proven to be fruitful, as Mulatto’s music style has evolved since signing with RCA Records. She has continued to release successful singles and her debut studio album, ‘Queen of Da Souf,’ reached number 44 on the Billboard 200.

Mulatto’s success with RCA Records demonstrates her ability to thrive in the mainstream music industry.

Debut Studio Album Success

Mulatto’s debut studio album, ‘Queen of Da Souf,’ garnered significant success and critical acclaim, establishing her as a formidable force in the music industry. Released on August 21, 2020, the album showcased Latto’s versatility as a rapper and showcased her unique perspective as a woman in the male-dominated rap industry.

‘Queen of Da Souf’ debuted at number 44 on the Billboard 200 chart, a notable achievement for a debut album. The album’s success was further amplified by its strong album sales, solidifying Latto’s commercial viability as an artist.

With its impactful lyrics, catchy hooks, and impressive production, ‘Queen of Da Souf’ not only resonated with fans but also made a significant impact on the rap industry as a whole, solidifying Latto’s status as a rising star.

Latto’s Path to Wealth

Latto has achieved significant wealth through her successful career as an independent rapper and her ability to consistently release chart-topping singles and albums. However, her path to wealth doesn’t solely rely on her music.

Latto has made strategic investments and explored various business ventures to expand her financial portfolio. She has been involved in brand partnerships, endorsements, and merchandise sales, which have proven to be lucrative ventures for her.

Additionally, Latto has established her own record label, Pittstop Ent, allowing her to have more control over her music and revenue streams. She has also ventured into the world of fashion, launching her own clothing line. By diversifying her income streams and making smart business decisions, Latto has been able to build her wealth beyond just her music career.

Latto Net Worth

After establishing herself as a successful independent rapper and diversifying her income streams through strategic investments and business ventures, Latto has accumulated a current net worth estimated to be around $5 million.

Latto, the rapper and entrepreneur, has diversified her sources of income through various channels. Her main source of income comes from her successful music career, with hit singles like “B*tch From Da Souf” and “Muwop” contributing to her financial success.

In addition to her music career, Latto has ventured into the business world with her own clothing line, Pittstop Clothing, providing another stream of income. She has also secured endorsement deals and brand partnerships, further adding to her net worth.

Her successful albums and collaborations have significantly contributed to her financial success, expanding her reach and appeal to a wide audience. These accomplishments have not only elevated her status in the music industry but have also boosted her income through increased album sales and concert tours.

In addition to her music and business ventures, Latto’s net worth has also been amplified by other sources of income, such as merchandise sales, streaming revenue, and appearances.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Latto’s Real Name?

Latto’s real name is Alyssa Michelle Stephens. She adopted the stage name Miss Mulatto, later shortened to Latto. Her mixed racial background contributed to her experiences with bullying in high school.

How Did Latto Come up With Her Stage Name?

Latto derived her stage name from her childhood nickname “Miss Mulatto,” which was a reference to her mixed racial background. The name holds personal significance and has become an integral part of her brand as a successful rapper.

What Other Artists Did Latto Collaborate With on Her First Singles and Mixtapes?

Latto collaborated with Gucci Mane and 2 Chainz on her first singles and mixtapes. These collaborations showcased her versatility as an artist and helped establish her presence in the rap industry.

How Did Latto’s Single ‘Bitch From Da Souf’ Contribute to Her Mainstream Breakthrough?

Latto’s single ‘Bitch from da Souf’ contributed to her mainstream breakthrough by making a significant impact on the Southern hip hop scene.

Besides Her Music Career, What Other Ventures Has Latto Pursued to Increase Her Net Worth?

Latto has pursued various entrepreneurial ventures to increase her net worth. She has launched her own merchandise line, including clothing and accessories. Additionally, Latto has secured brand endorsements with companies in the fashion and beauty industries, further expanding her financial portfolio.


In conclusion, Latto, the talented American rapper, has achieved significant success in the music industry through her determination and passion for rap.

From her humble beginnings in Clayton County, Georgia, Latto faced adversity but persevered, ultimately winning the reality series The Rap Game and opting for an independent career.

With her breakthrough hit single ‘Bitch from da Souf’ and recent signing to RCA Records, Latto’s net worth has reached an impressive $5 million.