Mac Miller Net Worth

Mac Miller, whose birth name is Malcolm McCormick, was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1992. He developed a love for hip hop music early in his life, writing his own songs by the time he turned 14 years of age. By 15, he began seriously honing his hip hop songwriting and performance style, stating that even at that young age he realized being a legitimate hip hop musician was a full-time job. Prior to becoming involved in music, he loved sports and used to play in or attend all of his school’s games. However, as he matured he developed a passion for hip hop music, which would help him launch his career after he graduated.

He also helped his own career by teaching himself how to play a variety of instruments, including the piano, guitar, and drums. At the age of 15 and under the pseudonym EZ Mac, he released his first mixtape, a creation called But My Mackin’ Ain’t Easy. Shortly after the mixtape’s release, he joined a hip hop group called Ill Spoken, which released its own mixtape in 2008. Even as part of the group, McCormick continued to create his own mixtapes, releasing two more before 2009. In 2010, he signed with Rostrum Records and released a mixtape called K.I.D.S.

That same year, he won two awards at a Pittsburgh hip hop awards show. This success helped solidify him as an up and coming performer and also gave him a platform on which to build his present day career. He left Rostrum Records in 2014, created his own record label called REMember Records and signed with Warner Bros. To date, he has built a Mac Miller net worth that stands at $10 million, a figure that is by all accounts impressive given how short of a time he has been in the hip hop industry.

How Much Is Mac Miller Worth Now?

Even a Mac Miller net worth of $10 million could not prevent him from falling prey to drug and alcohol addiction. Like many celebrities and musicians, he became addicted to a mix of sedatives and cocaine, a combination that is commonly called Purple Drank or Lean. In fact, he has stated in interviews that he was so addicted to this combination that his own friends grew disgusted with him and he was no longer able to perform or function on the same level to which he was accustomed.

He swore off the drug in 2012, just in time for him to start filming his own reality show called Mac Miller and the Most Dope Family. This sobriety did not come before he served time in New York for possession of marijuana, however. He also faced a lawsuit from a record producer who alleged that Miller and Rostrum Records illegally used his song. This lawsuit was eventually settled out of court, with the terms of the settlement never being revealed to the public.

When he is not in the recording studio, Mac Miller can found touring and giving live performances. He has undertaken five tours that spanned from 2011 to 2013. His first tour was called The Incredibly Dope Tour, followed by his Blue Slide Park Tour and Macadelic Tour in 2011 and 2012, respectively. His most recent tours have been his Under the Influence Music Tour in 2012, during which he toured with Wiz Khalifa, and his The Space Migration Tour in 2013. He has stated that much of his musical inspiration comes from his high school girlfriend. The couple broke up in 2013, however. Nonetheless, he continues to record, perform, and promote his own music, which helps him keep his net worth growing larger every year.