Mark Cuban Net Worth

Noted self-starter and world renowned billionaire Mark Cuban was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the son of an automobile upholsterer. His entrepreneurial spirit ignited in 1970 when he was 12 years old, taking on his first enterprise of selling garbage bags in his neighborhood. He attended both both the University of Pittsburgh and the University of Indiana, graduating with a degree in Business Administration. After graduation, he moved to Dallas where he landed early jobs in bartending and selling computer software.

After he was fired from his computer software job, Cuban started his first business, MicroSolutions. His company spearheaded several notable computer technologies used later, including Lotus Notes and Carbon Copy. In fact, his business was so successful that he counted Ross Perot as one of his clients. By 1990, he has sold the company to CompuServe for $6 million. After he paid his taxes, he went home with $2 million.

He reinvested this money in the booming dot com businesses that hallmarked the late 1990s economic climate. He founded, owned, or had a hand in several dot com companies, selling some to Yahoo for millions of dollars. He also deftly avoided the resulting crash from the dot com boom, spreading his millions into different ventures so that any money lost during the crash had little impact on his personal wealth. Today, Mark Cuban remains one of the most successful businessman of the 21st century. He is part owner of the Dallas Mavericks and also owns AXS TV. He has also ventured into the entertainment industry by becoming the owner of Landmark Cinemas and Magnolia Pictures. In fact, he has funded several recent mainstream films, including Redacted, as well as a documentary called Loose Change that was set to be narrated by controversial TV star Charlie Sheen. With these successful ventures to his credit, as well as his savvy business dealings, he has a Mark Cuban net worth that is estimated to be around $2.7 billion.

How Much Is Mark Cuban Worth Now?

With a Mark Cuban net worth of $2.7 billion, this self-made billionaire consistently ranks in the Forbes 400 list as one of the wealthiest and most influential business prodigies of today. At the relatively young age of 56, he has left his mark on the world of business and on the professional basketball industry as well. In fact, a fair portion of his wealth today stems from his dealings in the sports industry. He is owner of the Dallas Mavericks, a highly successful and financially lucrative enterprise, and makes it a point to patron many of the team’s home games. In fact, fans note that Cuban often sits close enough to the court for fans and referees alike to hear him cheering or questioning the referees’ calls.

In addition to owning the Mavericks, Cuban also has shown an interest in purchasing an MLB team. He has been outbid in several recent auctions for teams that have come up for sale. Nonetheless, he has made it clear that he would like to use some of his net worth to purchase a professional baseball team at some point in the future.

Of course, he uses a significant portion of his wealth for several charitable causes that have meaning to him. He personally started the Fallen Patriot Fund and donated $1 million of his own money to this cause. He likewise started the Mark Cuban Stimulus Plan, a program that encourages entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas to this organization and possibly be awarded money that they can use to get their businesses off the ground. He also supports political causes, particularly those that stem from Libertarian or Democratic interests.

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