Mark Wahlberg Net Worth

Born the youngest of nine children, Mark Wahlberg rose to fame alongside his fellow performer and singer brother Donnie, who is a member of the boy band New Kids on the Block. Walhberg formed a group of his own, which was called the Funky Bunch. He famously modeled underwear for Calvin Klein and also starred in the controversial movie hit Boogie Nights. Now a family man with four children of his own, he has built a Mark Wahlberg net worth that is valued at $200 million. He continues to star in major studio films, having abandoned his moderately successful rap and hip hop recording career.

Before he ventured into music and acting, Walhberg admitted to being a street savvy, yet troubled youth who committed a variety of minor offenses in and around the Dorcester, Massachusetts area. He served a brief sentence in prison for assaulting a Vietnamese man. The victim of Wahlberg’s crime was reported to have suffered numerous physical injuries, including the loss of vision in one eye. However, in 2014 Wahlberg appealed to the state of Massachusetts to have his record expunged of his criminal conviction. The victim of his crime has told the public in several interviews that he lost his vision before Wahlberg ever attacked him.

Since his release from prison, has gone on to earn his G.E.D. and also has returned to his religious faith by becoming a practicing Roman Catholic. He and his wife were married into the faith, and they raise their children as Catholics as well. He has stated that he attends Mass every day. He credits his religious faith for keeping him out of trouble and helping him avoid the temptations that come with fame and fortune. He also consults with his priest before accepting movie roles.

How Much Is Mark Wahlberg Worth Now?

The current Mark Wahlberg net worth of $200 million was built largely by his successful acting endeavors. He has appeared in either supporting or starring roles in over 40 movies and has also collaborated with or promoted brands like Taco Bell and his own nutritional supplement product Pain & Gain. His first movie role came in 1993 with the movie The Substitute in which he was credited as Marky Mark. He starred alongside iconic actor Danny Devito in the 1994 film Rennaissance Man, a role that many agree helped him successfully break into acting. He continued with his movie career by starring in films like 1995’s The Basketball Diaries, 1997’s Boogie Nights, and 2000’s The Perfect Storm. He is now widely recognized by his youngest fans for his role in 2014’s Transformers: Age of Extinction.

Along with acting, Walhberg has built his fortune in part from his producing efforts. He has produced 12 movies and TV shows, including his family’s reality program, aptly named The Walhburgers. He also is a producer of the hit show Entourage. For his production efforts, he has played a significant role in helping many of his creations win industry awards. In 2006, Entourage won the British Television Academy Award for Best International Programme. When he was an executive producer for the show Broadwalk Empire, the series was nominated for Golden Globe awards in 2011 and 2012.

His net worth is also comprised in part by his interest in the Barbados Trident cricket team. In fact, prior to his equity interest in the team, Walhberg knew little about the sport of cricket. However, he now professes to be a huge fan of the sport and also enjoys the income generated from the team’s successful ticket and merchandise sales.

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