Master P Net Worth

As a prolific entertainer and businessman, Master P reportedly owns or has invested in more than 45 successful companies around the world. He got his start in the entertainment industry in the 1990s, the heyday of hip hop and rap music. Since then, he has expanded his talents and is now a widely respected actor, as well as an movie and TV mogul who has helped numerous actors and musicians launch their own successful careers. In fact, one such act for which Master P had a direct hand in assisting to fame is Lil Romeo, Master P’s son. The father-son duo appeared on Nickelodeon’s TV show Romeo! Together.

Given his extensive range of talents and business capabilities, Master P also stands out as one of the most lucrative names in the entertainment industry. Today’s Master P net worth stands at more than $350 million, all of which stems from his many undertakings in both Hollywood and elsewhere around the globe. In fact, as he and his wife continue to settle their divorce proceedings, it has come to light that Master P owns 31 properties throughout the world. Income from real estate investments, combined with his income as a musician, producer, songwriter, director, and actor, have helped him accrue a net worth that arguably remains one of the highest among most actors and singers today.

His net worth also stands in stark contrast to his humble beginnings. Born and raised in one of New Orleans’ project neighborhoods, Master P began his rise to success by attending the University of Houston and then later Merritt College in Oakland, California. He majored in business, a decision that no doubt gave him the confidence and knowledge to pursue his current career path and attain a net worth that makes him one of the most successful names in the entertainment industry today.

How Much Is Master P Worth Now?

Master P net worth today stands at $350 million. He has several professional labels to his credit, including rapper, songwriter, athlete, entrepreneur, record producer, film director, actor, and investor. Unlike some entertainment leaders, Master P has proven to have numerous talents as his disposal and the intellect to enjoy success in whatever avenue he pursues. His net worth is not comprised solely from his earnings as an actor or rapper. He also has started, has invested in, or now owns approximately 45 businesses worldwide, including No Limit Records, his hallmark music label that was one of his earliest stepping stones into his current and highly lucrative career.

However, his net worth is also made up of his fashion endeavors. Master P has lent his name to or hand a direct hand in creating several fashion lines, including one named after his record label, No Limit. He has owned gas stations, created lines of jewelry, has invested in wrestling training facilities, and also penned a book called “Guaranteed Success” in 2007, adding the title of author to the growing litany of professional credits he already enjoys.

As successful as Master P is in virtually every aspect of his varied career, however, he continue to pursue the talent that originally made him a household name in the entertainment industry. Early in 2014, he announced that he was working on several new albums. In fact, he released several new records, including The Platinum Gift, Ice Cream Man 2, and The Gift Volume 1: Return of the Ice Cream Man. These newest releases, along with residual income from his investments and pursuits in the film and movie industries, continue to add to his net worth, which already has grown to $350 million and continues to increase each year.