Nick Cannon Net Worth

Nick Cannon, the affable and highly recognizable Nickelodeon star, continues to enjoy a lucrative career as a creative consultant to the TV network that helped launch him to stardom. Along with helping develop and promote Nickelodeon’s talent, Cannon also serves as TeenNick’s chairman and promotes and manages many of that network’s leading talents. Outside of his work at TeenNick and Nickelodeon, Cannon also hosts notable programs like America’s Got Talent and the Kids’ Choice Awards. Given his busy and varied TV, music, and film career, it is understandable that he has a Nick Cannon net worth of $20 million.

His net worth can attest to his earliest beginnings in show business. In fact, as the son of a televangelist, it would seem natural that Cannon would develop the same charisma and personality that helped his own father enjoy a successful career on TV. As a young child, Cannon would perform stand-up comedy preceding his father’s televised sermons. By the time he was a teenager, Cannon would take his stand-up act to Hollywood where he would warm up audiences prior to Nickelodeon’s show All That.

Recognizing his potential, the network soon added him to the All That cast. Cannon also ventured into music where he encountered such famous acts as Will Smith, 98 Degrees, and Montell Jordan. As a budding music star, he appeared on the soundtrack for Jimmy Neutron, covering Smith’s famous song “Parents Just Don’t Understand” before launching his own debut album in 2003. By 2005, Cannon had formed his own record label, Can I Ball Records, and released his second album, called Stages. He continues to make music and most recently released another album, his fourth, called White People Party Music. From this album, Cannon released the song “Looking for a Dream.” This album was a collaboration among Cannon and fellow performers Pitbull, Future, Afrojack, and Polow da Don.

How Much Is Nick Cannon Worth Now?

Without considering his net worth that was once combined with his estranged wife, Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon net worth stands close to $20 million. While some of that fortune was built on his earlier forays into acting and music, most of his recent income stems in part from his TV and radio hosting duties. In fact, along with being TeenNick’s chairman, Cannon continues to be a prominent presence on television. He notably hosts the popular show America’s Got Talent and also regularly hosts awards shows and national contests.

His net worth also comprises his appearances on radio. In fact, in 2010 he began his radio hosting career, heading the morning show on 92.3 in New York. CBS Radio also gave him a weekly countdown show that proved to be reasonably lucrative for him. However, when he was diagnosed with lupus and kidney disease, Cannon stepped down from both radio shows, citing his poor health. Nonetheless, his time on the radio added to his entertainment industry expertise and also helped add more money to his net worth.

Along with hosting shows, Cannon continues to help other stars reach new levels of success. He continues to manage acts like Wonder Girls, New Boyz, Kreesha Turner, Amber Rose, Soulja Boy, and others. He also formerly managed Forever and Cory Gunz. Cannon also has several movie credits to his name. He starred in 2002’s Drumline in the starring role as Devon Miles. He also starred in movies like Shall We Dance?, Underclassman, Roll Bounce, Bobby, Day of the Dead, and several others. Now firmly established as an actor, performer, producer, talent promoter, and investor, Cannon’s net worth is expected to grow during his entertainment career.