Omillio Sparks Net Worth

Omillio Sparks, a versatile hip-hop artist with deep roots in the industry, has left an indelible mark on the music scene. His affiliations with State Property and Roc-a-Fella Records have solidified his place in the hip-hop world, showcasing his talent and dedication to the craft. Sparks’ journey is a testament to his resilience and passion for music, as he navigated through various projects and collaborations to carve out his unique niche.

A seasoned artist with a flair for storytelling, Omillio Sparks has captivated audiences with his lyrical prowess and distinctive style. His contributions to the music industry go beyond just his solo projects, as he has also made notable appearances in films, showcasing his versatility and expanding his reach to new audiences. Sparks’ ability to adapt to different mediums and collaborate with a diverse range of artists has been instrumental in shaping his artistic journey.

Through strategic collaborations and a relentless work ethic, Omillio Sparks has built a solid foundation for his career, earning respect and admiration from fans and peers alike. His journey is a reflection of his dedication to the craft and his unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and exploring new creative horizons.

Omillio Sparks Background

Omillio Sparks, the American rapper from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was born in November 1974. He rose to fame as a member of the group State Property and signed a record deal with Jay-Z’s Roc-a-Fella Records. State Property, the group he was a part of, released their debut studio album, State Property OST, in 2002. This album topped the US R&B chart and reached #14 on the Billboard 200 chart, highlighting the group’s early success under Roc-a-Fella Records. State Property’s singles, such as ‘Roc the Mic’ and ‘Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop,’ made significant waves on the US Rap chart, solidifying their impact in the music industry.

Omillio Sparks Music Career Highlights

Omillio Sparks played a pivotal role in the success of State Property, contributing significantly to their chart-topping albums and impactful singles. His work with the group led to the release of their debut studio album, ‘State Property OST,’ in 2002. This album soared to #1 on the US R&B chart and #14 on the Billboard 200 chart, showcasing the group’s rising prominence in the music industry.

The collaboration with State Property continued with the release of their second album, ‘The Chain Gang Vol 2,’ in 2003. Once again, their music resonated with audiences, propelling the album to #1 on the US R&B chart and #6 on the Billboard 200 chart. Omillio Sparks’ affiliation with Roc-a-Fella Records further cemented his position within the group, establishing a solid foundation for his music career to thrive.

Throughout his journey with State Property and Roc-a-Fella Records, Omillio Sparks demonstrated his talent and dedication to the craft of music. His contributions to the group’s success not only showcased his skills as an artist but also laid the groundwork for further opportunities and collaborations in the music industry.

Omillio Sparks Solo Albums

Omillio Sparks ventured into a solo career after his time with State Property, dropping three albums that highlighted his versatility and growth as an artist. His first album, “Soulful,” debuted in 2007, followed by “What We Do” in 2008, and “Streets” in 2011. Each project showcased his unique style and lyrical prowess, solidifying his place as a respected solo artist in the industry.

Collaborating with various artists on his music, Omillio Sparks expanded his impact and reach within the music scene. Drawing from personal influences rooted in his upbringing in Philadelphia, his music resonated with authenticity and depth, adding layers to his storytelling. These albums not only displayed his musical evolution but also highlighted his ability to navigate the complexities of the music industry with creativity and skill.

Through his solo albums, Omillio Sparks demonstrated a remarkable ability to adapt and thrive in the ever-changing music landscape. His dedication to his craft and his willingness to push boundaries have made him a notable figure in the industry.

Omillio Sparks Acting Career

Omillio Sparks’ venture into acting underscores his versatility and adaptability in the entertainment industry. His transition to the world of acting has been well-received, notably earning accolades for his performances in ‘State Property’ and ‘State Property 2.’ These films have showcased Sparks’ acting prowess, solidifying his position within the acting realm.

Adding to his diverse portfolio, Omillio Sparks has seamlessly navigated from music to acting, demonstrating his ability to excel in various creative domains. Through his foray into acting, Sparks continues to broaden his horizons and showcase his talents beyond the confines of music, establishing himself as a multifaceted artist in the industry.

Omillio Sparks Net Worth

Omillio Sparks’ financial success stems from his strategic collaborations, consistent music releases, and lucrative acting ventures. His involvement in the music industry, notably with the group State Property and solo projects under Roc-a-Fella Records, has been instrumental in his wealth accumulation. Additionally, his investment strategies have allowed him to capitalize on opportunities in the entertainment sector, contributing to his substantial net worth estimated at $1 million.

Leveraging his network and talents, Sparks has effectively expanded his fan base through dedicated music releases and ventures in acting. These endeavors have not only provided diverse income streams but have also solidified his position in the industry. By consistently engaging in these activities, Sparks has demonstrated a commitment to both his craft and financial growth.

Through a combination of calculated collaborations, music releases, and acting projects, Omillio Sparks has positioned himself for continued financial success. His ability to navigate the entertainment industry with foresight and determination sets a foundation for sustained prosperity.


In conclusion, Omillio Sparks’ estimated net worth of $1 million is a testament to his successful career in the music industry. From his time with State Property to his solo ventures and acting appearances, Sparks has established himself as a prominent figure in hip-hop. Through strategic collaborations and a strong work ethic, he has built a solid financial foundation that reflects his contributions to the genre.