Oprah Net Worth

Born in 1954 in Mississippi, Oprah Winfrey overcame childhood poverty and abuse to become one of the world’s most prolific and financially successful journalists and TV personalities of all time. Her parents were unable to raise her, leaving her instead in the care of her grandparents. Before she graduated high school, Winfrey endured years of abuse, as well as circumstances that would have made succeeding difficult for anyone. However, she overcame those circumstances, went to college, and landed a spot on one of the area networks as a news anchor. It is this early platform that helped launch her to national and eventually to worldwide attention.

She was given her own self-entitled show, which debuted in 1984. The Oprah Winfrey Show was on the air until 2011 when it finally aired its last episode on May 25 of that year. During the 17 year duration of the show, Winfrey launched her own magazine and began the process of starting her own TV channel, the O Network. The network began after the end of her TV show and is still on the air today.

Along with hosting her own show and nighttime interview specials, Winfrey has also acted in a number of movies. She is well known for her role as Sofia in Steven Spielberg’s 1985 movie The Color Purple. In addition to that role, she appeared in the critically acclaimed movie Beloved, which was released in 1998. Her most recent roles include appearing in 2013’s The Butler as the character Gloria Gaines, as well as in the movie Selma as the character Annie Lee Cooper. With her finesse as a talk show host and prowess as an actress, she enjoys an Oprah net worth of $3 billion. Her net worth plays a huge role in her being consistently ranked as one of the most lucrative and powerful celebrities ever in Hollywood.

How Much Is Oprah Worth Today?

With an Oprah net worth of $3 billion, she is the only black woman to appear on the Forbes 400 list. In fact, in 2014 she overtook Meg Whitman, former CEO of eBay, on the list to become the world’s richest self-made woman. However, with her talk show ended and much of the work on her network being done by other people who act in her stead, many people wonder how she continues to contribute to her net worth. She has numerous endeavors in the works at any given time, helping her accrue wealth that keeps her on the top of the world’s richest people list each year.

One of the primary ways that she builds her wealth right now is through her acting endeavors. She is reportedly in the process of making a new movie that has yet to be titled. She will star as Richard Pryor’s grandmother in this movie, which is still in production. Along with acting, she and her best friend, TV personality Gayle King, have a radio show that they co-host together. She and King signed the contract in 2006 for a reported $55 million.

Winfrey also has authored five books and has contributed to a biography of former president Bill Clinton. She still has a creative hand in the publishing of her O Magazine, branded as one of the most successful start-up magazines of all time. Winfrey additionally oversees a school in Africa that bears her name. With all of her professional endeavors, Winfrey has plenty of opportunities to bring money into her overall net worth. She also has no plans of retiring or slowing down, lending to the credible idea of her net worth growing significantly before she finally retires from the industries in which she is currently involved.

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