Kim Kardashian Net Worth

Born in 1980 the second daughter of famed attorney Robert Kardashian, Kim Kardashian has rapidly risen to fame in the last decade. In fact, she came to the public’s attention in 2003 as the unwitting star of a homemade sex tape with her then-boyfriend Ray J. However, since then she has gone on to establish … Read more

Bill Gates Net Worth

Bill Gates is a worldwide household name, well known for his role in creating the now widely used Microsoft software. He famously did not finish his studies at Harvard, choosing instead to start his own computer software business with fellow developer and inventor Paul Allen. By 1980, he partnered with IBM and in 1985 launched … Read more

Lebron James Net Worth

Known as King James, Lebron James remains one of the most popular and successful NBA stars today. He plays for the Cleveland Caveliers as a forward and currently averages 25 points and five rebounds per game. He has two NBA championships, four NBA MVP awards, two Olympic gold medals, and one NBA Rookie of the … Read more

Beyonce Net Worth

Recently ranked as the most influential woman in show business by Forbes magazine, Beyonce is an entertainment jack-of-all-trades with her ability to sing, dance, and act, as well as write, record, and produce her own music. With an extensive array of talents at her disposal, Beyonce net worth has been reported to stand at $440 … Read more

Mariah Carey Net Worth

Raised in Long Island as the daughter of an opera singer and an engineer, Mariah Carey has had a lifelong affinity and talent for music. In fact, before she started kindergarten, Carey spent much of her free time listening to music, a devotion that would fuel her passion for singing and songwriting later. While still … Read more

Lil Kim Net Worth

Born Kimberly Denise Jones in Brooklyn in 1974, Lil’ Kim got her start in hip hop music after living on the streets in New York City. After her parents got divorced when she was nine years old, Lil’ Kim went to live with her father. However, he kicked her out of the house while she … Read more

Trina Taylor Net Worth

Born Katrina Taylor in Miama in 1978, Trina began writing rap rhymes while she was still in high school. In fact, it was during these early years that she captured Trick Daddy’s attention. The Miami-based rapper gave Trina her first start in the hip hop industry by inviting her to collaborate with him on his … Read more

Foxy Brown Net Worth

Born Inga Marchand in 1978, Foxy Brown grew up in Brooklyn and became a signed performer to Def Jam Records by the time she was 17 years old. Her father left the family while she was very young to pursue his own recording career. However, she has enjoyed a level of success arguably unmet by … Read more

Lauryn Hill Net Worth

Lauryn Hill grew up in a musically gifted family in South Orange, New Jersey. Her father sung in local nightclubs, and Hill has stated in interviews that her house was always full of music during her childhood. This musical influence contributed to her own talent, which became obvious by the time she was in middle … Read more

Nicki Minaj Net Worth

Onika Tanya Maraj, popularly known as Nicki Minaj, was born in St. Trinidad and Tobago in 1982. During her childhood, her parents often argued loudly, prompting Minaj to use her imagination and music as means of escape. Her affinity for music stayed with her even after her family moved to New York City. While she … Read more