Born to modest means in Atlanta, Georgia, rapper T.I. now stands out as a burgeoning act in hip hop and rap music. T.I., a nickname that pays homage to his childhood moniker “Tip”, has released nine albums since his rise to fame in 2001. With 13 years of music and entertainment experience to his credit, TI net worth has risen to more than $50 million. However, his net worth may not accurately reflect the struggles that preceded his rise to fame.

In fact, he spent the better part of his teenage years dealing drugs and serving time in jail for various offenses. In 2001, he started his professional music career and quickly rose to stardom with his debut album I’m Serious. Since 2001, he has released eight more records, won three Grammy awards, and now routinely collaborates with fellow performers like Robin Thicke and Justin Timberlake. His newest album was released in October 2014 and quickly garnered favorable reviews from critics.

Along with writing, recording, and producing his own music, T.I., also regularly takes on acting gigs. He has starred in films like ATL, American Gangster, Takers, Identity Thief, and most recently, Ant Man. His acting pursuits, along with his music endeavors, contribute significantly to his net worth. As an entrepreneur, he also adds to his income by investing and owning various real estate ventures. In fact, he owns Club Crucial in Atlanta, an establishment that is highly regarded and equally as financially lucrative. His fame and business savvy has garnered the attention of Chevrolet. He has partnered with this car manufacturer to design a new line of Chevy Impalas. This creative partnership has played a significant role as well in adding to his net worth, currently estimated to be more than $50 million.

How Much Is TI Worth Now?

With a TI net worth of $50 million, this successful rapper, musician, entrepreneur, actor, and producer is expected to make more money in the future. In fact, T.I. regularly takes on new projects that adds to his talent and expertise in the business and entertainment industries. He is the founder and CEO of his own record label, named Grand Hustle Records. He also has invested in a new social networking site that focuses on the hip hop culture that is so popular throughout much of the South right now. The site’s name is aptly called StreetCred.

In addition to endorsing this social networking site, T.I. has also endorsed a social media app called Yopima. By venturing into the competitive social networking arena, T.I. has added millions more to his net worth. He additionally announced recently that he is creating his own line of liquor. These entrepreneurial pursuits add more money to his overall income and have proven successful in providing him with income outside of his acting and music career. However, his acting career also has proven to be a viable avenue for him to pursue when he is not making music. He has three new film releases pending for 2015. Those films are entitled Get Hard, Entourage, and Ant Man. He also has previously starred in films like American Gangster and Identity Thief, among others.

Along with acting, T.I. sometimes acts as a producer or director for various film and TV projects. In fact, he has an ongoing deal to produce Oxygen Channel’s show Sisterhood of Hip Hop. He also uses his net worth for various charitable purposes. He recently lent his name to Boys and Girls Clubs and also used his nightclub in Atlanta as the site of a bicycle giveaway that benefited this organization.