Tiger Woods Net Worth

The child of athletically talented parents, Tiger Woods seemed destined from the beginning to go great things in the world of sports. He has not disappointed and in fact has become one of the winningest professional golf players of all time. Introduced to golf by his father by the age of two, Tiger made his mark on the sport early. He putted against the likes of Michael Douglas and Bob Hope all before he started elementary school. His golf prowess grew substantially by the time he graduated from high school. Recruited by dozens of top colleges, but ultimately signed to play for Stanford University, Woods amassed dozens of top honors and prizes while playing in the NCAA.

His professional career has led him to winning 14 major professional golf tournaments, putting him in second place behind Jack Nicklaus for the number of pro wins to his credit. With a Tiger Woods net worth of $600 million, most of his fortune is comprised by his tournament winnings. In fact, his net worth grew rapidly from the time he entered professional play in 1996. He enjoyed top rankings in the PGA for over a decade until 2009 when his career faltered due to personal problems.

With his family problems resolved, Woods has climbed his way back to the top of PGA play and continues to regain ground lost during the time he had to focus on personal matters at home. He still enjoys the prestige of being a 10-time winner of the PGA Player of the Year award. He likewise has won the PGA Grand Slam three times in his career. These are feats that few other players have ever enjoyed in their own professional careers. Despite his winning streak coming to an end because of family concerns, Woods has proven with his talent and his net worth that he has left his mark on the world of competitive golf.

How Much Is Tiger Woods Worth Today?

For all his years of playing and winning, the Tiger Woods net worth of $600 million took a hit during his divorce from Elin Nordgren. In fact, his divorce was called one of the most expensive divorces of all time in the world of professional sports. Nonetheless, he still has an impressive fortune to his name, making him the second most successful African American to be named on the Forbes 400 list. He is outranked on the list by TV mogul personality Oprah Winfrey.

Along with playing in major tournaments that promise substantial winnings, Woods also contributes to his net worth by taking on various commercial endorsements. In fact, he had a long partnership with Nike to promote the corporate brand, as well as his personal brand within the company. Woods has also had endorsement deals with General Mills, General Motors, American Express, Accenture, and Electronic Arts. These deals helped him amass significant income that, along with his professional purse winnings, created a net worth that makes him one of the most financially lucrative athletes of all time.

His most recent commercial endeavors that have earned him money to add to his net worth include a deal with Fuse Science, Inc., as well as appearances in foreign commercials. His deal with Electronic Arts centers on him appearing and doing voiceover work for the games that bear his brand and name. These sources of recurring income help keep him at the top of the lists that rank the most successful professional athletes, as well as millionaires and billionaires in general. Tiger Woods has no plans to retire or stop playing in major tournaments around the world, giving people every reason to believe that his net worth will continue to grow in the years to come.