Born to working class parents in New Orleans, Tyler Perry stands out as one of the most successful film directors and actors of his generation, if not all time. With a Tyler Perry net worth estimated to be over $400 million, Perry has worked in just about every aspect of entertaining, including writing his own screenplays, directing, and starring in his films. He counts his Christian faith as a huge inspiration for his films and tries to include a Christian message in each one of his movies. His films, though largely targeted at the African American audience, have proven popular with the American movie going public, making him a favorite among fans and film critics alike.

His beginnings the entertainment industry were relatively lackluster in comparison to his current success. In fact, after enduring years of abuse at the hands of trusted friends and relatives, Perry left his home in New Orleans and moved to Atlanta. It was in Atlanta that he began writing and exhibiting his first plays, including a musical that referred to his dysfunctional childhood and earlier abuse. His first play was met with rather disappointing reviews and low ticket sales. However, determined to make it in this industry, Perry used his own money to fund his creations, perfecting his scripts over a period of several years. Finally, by 2005 he was generating the ticket sales and favorable reviews he needed to establish himself as a formidable talent, a marker that helped him transition to Hollywood.

As a Hollywood heavyweight, he has come to network with fellow actors, producers, and directors like Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith, Janet Jackson, and Spike Lee. His films and TV shows are so successful that he has surpassed a financial and professional level once enjoyed by iconic directors like Steven Spielberg and James Cameron. He remains an in-demand director, actor, and writer, guaranteeing his place in Hollywood for years to come.

How Much Is Tyler Perry Worth Now?

The Tyler Perry net worth of $400 million stems in large part from Perry’s popular films like Diary of a Mad Black Woman and Meet the Browns. In fact, it can be argued that many of his fans take great delight in his cross dressing character, Madea, who is an outspoken elderly woman who, although combative and headstrong, also is fiercely protective of her friends and family. However, in addition to his much-loved Madea character, Perry has also appeared in memorable films like Daddy’s Little Girls, Meet the Browns, The Family that Preys, and Alex Cross, among others. He writes and directs most of the films in which he appears, meaning that he draws income from each individual role he takes on for each movie.

Along with creating films that generate mainstream success, Perry has also partnered with Oprah Winfrey and her O Network to create scripted TV programs. He is also well known for his Tyler Perry House of Payne TV shows that regularly appear on the TBS network. He is skilled in creating soundtracks, artwork, and other compositions for his films, especially his Madea movies. With this range of talent, it is little wonder that he has a career and a net worth that makes him one of the most successful entertainment acts in Hollywood.

Of course, someone who is this successful also can expect to garner his fair share of critics. Other directors and actors, particularly Spike Lee and Idris Elba, take exception to his cross dressing in his movies, saying that he is making a mockery of African Americans. However, Perry readily dismisses his critics, noting that they fail to appreciate the message in his movies and the fact that his characters like Madea are supposed to be laugh bait for audiences.